Hello and welcome to Simply Inspirational Sister!

As a woman, I also struggle with the challenges of life and in my darkest moments I felt alone and lost in the wilderness – even in a room full of people. It is times like this that I needed the support of my biological and spiritual sisters to:

  • Help me stand when I was weak;
  • Speak life into me when I felt like my life was over;
  • Pray with me and for me when I was all-prayed-out;
  • Cry with me and passed me tissue when I was distraught;
  • Helped me see (through God’s word) when I was blind.

Through it all, God’s grace and mercy enabled my sisters to Educate, Empower, and Inspire me to PERSEVERE through life’s trials. I thank God for blessing me with these woman and the spiritual gifts necessary to envision, develop and implement S.I.S. and for His provision to see it through to fruition.

To my sisters, regardless of our biological, spiritual, racial, ethnic or educational connection – I dedicate this page to you because without your continued love, support, trust, inspiration, patience, knowledge, wisdom and true friendship throughout the years, I wouldn’t know what true SISTERHOOD means and how to share that gift of love with other women. I love and appreciate each of you!

To my biological sisters, Ashanti M. Stamp and E. Niya Foxx, I love you! Ashanti, who’s always referred to me as her Simply Incredible Sister (the original S.I.S., lol) I thank you for the inspiration that led to the naming of this ministry.

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