Hindsight is always 20/20…

These last few weeks have been stressful and yesterday was LONG and STRESSFUL – so much so that everyone who saw me said “it’s written all over your face, you need a vacation” (reality check!)

So as I sit here thanking God for another peaceful night’s sleep (I am grateful for His rejuvenation of my spirit) and reflect on all that I was THANKFUL FOR yesterday (instead of waking up focusing on the negative) two instances were immediately brought to mind.

     1- I went in to check on my son last night after a REALLY long bath (skin looking like prunes, roflol, and he was having a blast!) and I find him laying back in the tub propped up on his elbows talking about “aaahhhh this is the life mom”. I’m like “really Tremaine? This is what you do when you’re suposed to be washing?” to which he replied, “yeah mom, I can’t wait until we have a pool OUTSIDE in summer”. 《Insert blank stare and BIG smile》

     2- the moment when my daughter realized just how much her hair grew back after all the breakage/damage (the joy in her heart was refected all over her face). In that moment, watching her in the mirror trying different hairstyles and taking “selfies” I saw her spirit illuminate much unlike it has been lately and my heart was filled with joy as I watched her personality come alive and to my little girl growing up right before my eyes. In my spirit I heard a whisper that said “I told you all that was lost would be restored if you just have faith”. I almost cried. THANK YOU JESUS!

Many of you all know what my family has been been (is still going through) and it’s overwhelming at times for any adult, let alone two pre-teens with special needs. My kids bring me so much joy and they both make my heart and my mind smile (yes, I said my mind, it’s a Leadership Buffalo thing).

How can I focus on anything negative when those two moments in time were the cherry on top of my “I-Scream Thursday” (play on words “ice cream sundae”).

I pray that in the midst of whatever circumstance(s) you may encounter that the enemy tries use to distract you from your spiritual growth and development, you quiet your spirit enough to give thanks and refect on the glimmers of hope and joy that does come with each new day.

Jesus said (and I’m paraphrasing) This world will bring you trouble, but take heart for I have overcome the world!

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