I’m back everyone and I have much to share!

Ladies and gentlemen!

The structure of the Simply Inspirational Sister (S.I.S.) website has changed to align with my new normal. As many of you know, I was severely injured in a car crash back in April 2015 that left me paralyzed and traumatized (click for details).

Although the process of recovery and restoration has been arduous, I am not alone. Many people have been traumatized by the tragic events in their lives and TRAUMA differs for everyone. For this reason, I am once again opening up my life to you all in an effort to inspire you to PERSEVERE.

The Nuggets Of Knowledge (N.O.K) I post here are universal for men and women of all ages. Our circumstances and experiences may be unique but our struggle to survive and thrive is the same. Some of my experiences include:

  • being a single mom raising two teenagers that have special needs
  • living a full life now as a paraplegic
  • products I’ve tried and hacks I’ve learned
  • available resources

Come what may, I refuse to give up. I choose to LIVE the rest of my life as the BEST of my life! I invite you join me on my journey, share with your network, share reaources or be a source of inspiration.


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